On 3 November 2023, the seventh meeting of LIFE projects in Latvia took place. The aim of this event was to inform the participants about the news, planned activities and challenges of the LIFE projects in Latvia, as well as to share experience and discuss topical issues related to the implementation of LIFE projects.

In the first part of the event, the participants accompanied by the LIFE-IP LatViaNature team went on two excursions to learn more about the project’s activities and plans.

During the first excursion, the participants visited the nature park “Ragakāpa”, where they were accompanied by LIFE-IP LatViaNature invasive species experts Jānis Saulītis and Jēkabs Dzenītis and got acquainted with the eradication works of the invasive Corinth’s beetle.

The second excursion took the participants to the picturesque Lake Kaņieris, where the project expert Linda Uzule explained the development of habitat and species conservation objectives.

In the second part of the event, representatives of Latvian LIFE projects presented their projects, discussed what has been achieved during the year and what is planned for the future. During the presentations, the participants took the opportunity to share with each other the experience gained from the implementation of the European Commission LIFE projects in Latvia. Representatives from the State Regional Development Agency Latvian Environmental Protection Fund administration, which administers national funding for LIFE projects, also participated in the event.

The event was attended by 31 representatives from 9 ongoing LIFE projects in Latvia. The LIFE Support Unit would like to express its gratitude to all the participants, as well as special thanks to the LIFE-IP LatViaNature team for their initiative and for providing the excursions.