Narva demo site

In Narva Municipality a construction design project of NBS will be developed for Kudruküla area located 12 km northwest from Narva town. Kudruküla is an area with 4800 land plots (with average size 1000 m2) used for seasonal residential buildings, and approximately 125 streets. There are over 30 small horticultural cooperatives operating in Kudruküla, each consisting of 40 – 300 land plots. The aim is to find a solution for draining garden lands and collecting excess water as well as for collecting rainwater from a built-up area with the aim of accumulating and recycling the water as fire-fighting water, domestic (washing) water, as well as irrigation water. The functioning of allotment gardens is an important part of the green economy in Narva, as it allows residents to grow a large part of their vegetables, as well as to offer ecologically clean food for sale to Narva residents. A plot suitable for the construction of an open water body or a tank necessary for water accumulation is available on Sädeme Street in the general area of horticultural cooperative Elektron. In addition, the Kudruküla stream flowing through the area can be used to solve the overflow. The WP will identify and propose solution(s) as to whether all rain and drainage water from the area could be collected into one open water body, or should the rainwater collected from the roofs and recycled as domestic water be collected in a separate closed container. A comprehensive functioning system with filtering, overflow and other issues needs to be addressed.