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As part of this project, the city of Rakvere plans to clean the Rahvaaia outflow culvert and conduct studies to assess its condition for potential improvements. The project provides a solution for opening the outflow of the Rahvaaia ponds.

At the same time, one of the goals of the project is to create a smooth, natural base solution connection at the meeting point of the Tobia main ditch and the Rahvaaia culvert, which would reduce the risk of flooding in the area. 

As a result of the project activity, the water from the Tobia main ditch will be directed through open channels in the ponds located on the property at 3 Kalda Street, through a culvert under Jaama Avenue, and into the flowing Soolikaoja stream behind Näituse Street.

Simultaneously, the merging of water at the junction of Rahvaaia culvert and Tobia main ditch is resolved, ensuring that during excessive water flow, the water coming from Rahvaaia culvert has the opportunity to continue flowing into the ditch at 3 Kalda Street.

During the project, continuous monitoring of water quality, quantity, and flow velocity is carried out by TalTech researchers. After modeling the monitoring data, Rakvere City Government gains an overview of the water’s condition.

Contact person: Kerli Kõue, Environmental Specialist of Rakvere City Government: kerli.koue@rakvere.ee