Valmiera demo site

In Valmiera Municipality, the demonstration site area lies in a parking lot of around 0.8 ha, located on Čempionu street 1 next to Valmiera Olympic Center, BMX track, football field and swimming pool. The key issues addressed with the nature-based solutions to be implemented will be the heat island effect and stormwater management. The solutions to be applied are accumulation/infiltration systems with underground infiltration/ accumulation cassettes, basins, embankments; stormwater treatment through wetlands, biofouling, filtration fields from the discharge of the centralised stormwater drainage; green islands for reducing the heat island effect; real-time control valve in the lower reaches of the precipitation network for water regulation. It is expected that the demonstration site will contribute to improved microclimate in the city, expansion of green areas, and better management of water resources by reducing flooding events and ensuring partial treatment (improvement of quality) of stormwater before it enters the Gauja River.

The area of the parking lot is 8000 m2, which gives plenty of surface area to collect rainwater and use it to water plants, football field or create interactive stands for kids. After the parking lot will be rebuilt, it will have more greenery including trees, which will not only provide shade, but will also be able to work as wind breakers, as prevailing winds often blow in this area due to the location of the parking lot.


Contact info:

Inguna Zakure
Chief project manager of the Project Management Department of the Valmiera Municipality Development Administration