Viimsi demo site

Viimsi municipalities demo site is a plot of land situated at the corner of Mereranna and Randvere roads intersection. Area was chosen for demo site because it suffers from excess moisture because of lack of stormwater system in this green area. Since areas main stormwater pipe is under Randvere road the area chosen is perfect for building nature based solutions and stormwater gathering solutions that could be combined with existing stormwater main pipe. Also demo site is situated in the center of Haabneeme borough and it lacks any function. Withing LIFE LATESTadapt project Viimsi municipality will install a smart stormwater collection tank to the demo site and build a sustainable urban drainage system. Stormwater collection tank will be connected with the planned wet land and Randvere streets stormwater main pipe from which tank will be filled with stormwater. From tank the stormwater will be used up to automatically water plants, in future it will be connected to public toilet and it will serve as water station for road cleaning operations. Additionally pedestrian path green infrastructure and plants will be installed to the demo site in order to make area more attractive and give it public function.