Võru demo site

Võru demo site area is located in a former swamp area, where absolute height differences are minimal. At the same time, it is a prospective development area where the development of a new business park (Võrusoo) as well as a leisure time centre is planned in near future. At the moment, most of the area’s drainage and stormwater is directed through the old rainwater system into the Koreli stream, and for that reason, a pumping station with high energy consumption would be necessary. 

The main goal of the project would be to solve the drainage and stormwater system in order to prevent floods in the area in such way that stormwater would first be used, for example by the new businesses or other facilities operating in the area, and then to direct the previously buffered drainage and stormwater to Lake Tamula, where the water levels is lower than the Koreli stream. In this way, there is no need to build a stormwater pumping station.

Project contacts

Projec manager – Indrek Tamberg;

Other contacts in Võru town government:
Kait Kabun – development specialist;
Tauno Asi –  head of urban development department;