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LIFE LATESTadapt international workshop

LIFE LATESTadapt international workshop

Workshop “Planning and operationalizing green infrastructure and ecosystem service concepts for improving urban climate resilience” took place on June 13-14, 2023.

  • 1st day 9.30-17.10 – Introduction, moderaator: Martinš Grels, MoEPRD; Urban Green Infrastructure- mapping, assessment and planning; Urban Greening plans, moderaator: Anda Ruskule, Baltic Environmental Forum- Latvia
  • Day 2 9.00-16.30 – Urban Nature-based solutions, moderators: Kristine Kedo/Annija Danenberga, MoEPRD

Location: Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Riga, Latvia

The purpose of the conference was to support the transfer of knowledge and experience from all over Europe in urban green infrastructure and climate adaptation planning, and to discuss the suitable approaches to be implemented by the LIFE LATESTadapt project. During the workshop, various NBS and urban greening projects were discussed, the associated benefits as well as problems, and there was also group work, in the framework of which the participants could come up with various ideas on how to reach NBS solutions in municipalities of different sizes, how it would be possible to change the way of thinking of residents and municipalities, so that their reach solutions.

The conference program consisted of:

  • Providing a general overview of the development/implementation of climate change adaptation plans in urban environments
  • Presentation of practical solutions used in different cities and municipalities
  • Site visit to explore urban green infrastructure and nature-based solutions in Riga

The presentations are available below:

Day 1, 13.06.2023

  Day 2, 14.06.2023

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